Zurina Yahya

an epistemophilia,

an autodidact,

a teacher,

a friend.


I guess it is my hope that in writing my thoughts down it offers me some kind of predilection on gaining some wisdom of the heart and the journey purifying the heart by embodying emotions beyond our past, currently our own and beyond the plausible future. As a graduate in English Literature and an MAEd specializing in Malay Language, and currently a struggling student learning Italian Language (since Dec 2016) and French (since the early 90s), there is a natural inclination to utilize the linguistic tones of my creative side, if any; and explore the use of language to ignite the senses and emotions. I am quite fortunate to mostly be occupied with a full time career that I love and pays the bills, so this website is only updated in my spare time usually the weekends, but I try to take it as a serious hobby.


All writings and photographs from this website is copyrighted © 2017, Zurina Yahya 



How to pronounce “Yahya

The name ancient heart is borrowed from the title name of the 1989’s amazing debut album by Tanita Tikaram.