Long distance relationships

As hard as it already is to keep together a relationship between two people from the same town, city, state or country, it is even harder to do when two people are from different continents. The reasons obvious – being physically separated by the masses of land and oceans. Emotionally, a long distance relationship is indubitably painful.

There is no coffee time together. No better half to smile upon or gaze at. No smile is returned. No hand to hold. No body to spoon and cuddle in bed. No lips to kiss. No one. Plain no one.

What there is – an image of the beautiful face of the one you love, in your head. What there is – a swelling fondness for a person so dear – but it is only left and felt in the lonely heart.

Even more daunting is when jealousy creeps and crawls in and extremely terrifying when trust becomes an issue.

The way long distance relationship works differs with the times.

In the past, when lovers are separated by distance, they keep in touch by exchanging intimate love letters to each other through the post. A love poem or two exchanged. A photograph or two are slipped in and enclosed in the envelope as well.

Each and every hand-written letter is sent out with such fondness that you even wished it was possible for you to enclose your physical heart.

Then, when one awaits a reply, a day would feel like a week, a week like a month, and a month like a year.

The reasons for the separation could be due to one furthering of one’s studies; or employment opportunities elsewhere; or the tragedy of being separated by war.

These days the separation is as tragic as war itself when one is a refugee seeking safety in far distance lands.

In the internet age, letter-writing is seen as an inconvenient option. Easier digitized methods of communicating of no need to mention here, make it easier to keep in touch.

But – the absence, the sense of loss, no coffee time, no better half to smile upon or gaze at, no smile returned, no hand to hold, no kiss and the burden of distance – is all the same.



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